Your Business Will Never Be the Same: Trending Technologies: From Exploration to Application

James Spellos

It’s the year 2020, and technology keeps marching forward. How the Administrative Professional did their job less than a few years ago has greatly changed, and will continue to change at an accelerated pace. Are you ready for the new tools that will be part of your everyday work? This extended workshop will give you the chance to interact with many of these new services, so that you can determine which ones are most important for your organization. Topics of this session will included, but are not limited to, virtual & augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and digital security.

After participating in this session, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify how mixed reality is already integrated into many organizations and learn the fundamentals of developing an augmented reality tool
  • Understand how to recognize the technologies that will be impacting your how your profession and your organization’s business must change
  • Recognize how artificial intelligence is disrupting and changing business workflow through enterprise, desktop and mobile solutions