The Virtualization Age! Essential Virtual Best Practices

Socorro McCaslin

Given the rapid changes in new technology and the evolution in today’s business world, it is essential that we explore and embrace virtual best practices. Does your executive host or attend virtual meetings? Do you attend virtual meetings? While the traditional role of executives and executive assistants has centered around the office, increasingly, executives and staff work remotely in varied locations. How should we connect with them? What can we do to help create effective lines of communications? To thrive in this new environment, we must be willing to evolve and acquire a new set of soft skills.

During this course, Socorro will share her vast experience to help you discover how to succeed as a virtual worker.

What You Will Learn:

  • Acquire essential virtual best practices, virtual self-brand skills, and virtual emotional intelligence
  • Learn effective uses of a web cam, how to gauge your audience, and how to create engaging virtual meetings
  • Overcome common barriers to working remotely, keeping a remote boss engaged, and collaborating globally
  • Construct new and innovative soft skills to communicate effectively with others while working in a virtual environment