Susan Elliott-Rink

Susan Elliott-Rink is the CEO and Founder of Allinium, Inc. – a consulting, training and executive coaching firm specializing in transformative programs custom designed to impact organizational culture. With nearly three decades of leadership development, gender partnership, women’s leadership and unconscious bias experience, Susan has become a leading voice in the narrative for inclusive corporate cultures.
Susan has invested thousands of hours in the study of methodologies designed to give people and organizations access to breakthrough performance. Her approach is a very simple, yet powerful framework that allows individuals and organizations to reveal blind sports that are constraining and limiting performance.
Susan and the Allinium office are based in Volusia County, Florida where she is currently consulting the elected officials and other key community leaders to create programs to address the most urgent issues impacting the quality of life in the county. She has recently been asked to create a program to empower the youth at risk and end the cycle of violence to be introduced later this year.