Office 365 Deep Dive From the Inside Out

Vonetta Watson

Let’s unpack O365! Get an interactive 365, Deep Dive view of Microsoft's Office 365. SME, Vonetta Watson, MCT, deep dives into O365 and its products from the inside out. Walk through and learn products and apps integration, advanced features, tips and tricks, and new releases to effectively bring your work village together. If you’ve been pondering what Office 365 is or how to efficiently use to help increase productivity, ponder no more.

What learners will learn about Microsoft Office 365?

  • Integration of Office Apps, Products and Bots
  • Interacting with Office and Mobile Devices
  • Provide students with an intensive, interactive project scenario for real time use
  • Provide learners with the skills necessary to navigate O365, Apps, and Products
  • Cover the content on the Office 365 Platform