No-Panic Presentation Skills for Administrative Professionals: How To Speak Confidently and Compellingly Anywhere, Anytime

Mandi Stanley

Sunday, July 21 | 12:45 - 2:15 p.m.

During this highly interactive session, administrative professionals will discuss and practice an absolutely essential skill—how to think and speak on your feet in a flash! Join us to discover new approaches to presenting your ideas with clarity, confidence, and power.

Key Points You'll Learn:

  • The Three-Minute First Impression: What you absolutely must do in the first 180 seconds to build rapport and credibility with the people in the room
  • How to organize your thoughts—and not ramble
  • The only secret to stopping vocal fillers, including the distracting credibility-robbing “ums” and “uhs”
  • Tips for controlling your body language to communicate the message you want