Networking Skills: The Coffee Lunch Coffee Approach

Alana Muller

Thursday, July 18 | 1:00 - 4:15 p.m.

How do you feel about networking? Are you energized by the prospect of meeting new people? Or does the very notion send you into fits of panic? Would you characterize yourself as an active networker? Or, are you unsure of where to begin, concerned that you might be asking too much of others? While at times, networking may feel intimidating, stressful or awkward, now is the time to sharpen your networking skills, utilize this powerful tool, and connect with others. Join Alana Muller for this networking skills workshop, which will include an overview of the Coffee Lunch Coffee Networking Platform, highlighting the importance of connecting with others while formulating a strategic mindset around networking. You will engage in a selection of preparatory exercises to help you hone your networking efforts and bolster the quality of your relationships.

Key Points You'll Learn:

  • Identify key connectors presently in your network
  • Consider others in your community who you wish to add to your relationship base
  • Feel prepared to engage in meaningful conversation during networking interactions