Building Collective Wisdom: The Value of Story in Fostering Workplace Knowledge

Megan Alrutz

This interactive general session invites attendees to newly reflect on their work and learn from each other’s experiences. As a theatre professor, director, and author, Dr. Alrutz draws on storytelling, improvisation, and other creative strategies to foster engaged communities of practice, diversify thinking in the workplace, and develop new ways of engaging core questions facing the field. Framed by ideas from applied improvisation, adult learning theory, and knowledge management, this session will get you thinking creatively while actively engaging with colleagues from different fields, backgrounds, and experiences. Be challenged to leverage your experiential knowledge (stories) and relational practices (collaboration) in order to foster an innovative, collaborative, and diverse workplace. Ultimately, this session offers a playful approach to serious work. Come engage with other Summit attendees and your work experience from a fresh perspective!