Christopher Ulrich

Founder of CU in the Moment, LLC, Chris has a multi-disciplined approach to educating clients about body language, building rapport and trust, detecting deception, and elite communication and presentation skills. His students benefit from his professional background as a body language expert, improvisational actor, personal coach and political consultant. Ulrich’s passion is to increase his clients’ personal confidence and dynamic power in both their personal and professional lives. Chris is a speaker and the body language expert for CNN's Headline News, Dr. Oz, The Nancy Grace Show, and The Dr. Drew Show. He's also the Sr. Lead Instructor at the Body Language Institute (BLI) in Washington, DC. The skills Chris teaches completely transforms how you build trust and rapport, communicate effectively as a leader in any situation, conduct effective interviews, hire the top talent, and how to get to the truth of the matter quickly in any communication.